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This is a community where people can discuss philosophy, generally speaking. Many other forms of knowledge, learning, etc, may come into play as well, such as psychology, physics, mathematics, science, poetry, etc, etc.
There are some guidelines I would like to make clear right from the get-go: All posts are to be made friends only. All posts should be tagged for ease of reference. There will be no ad hominem attacks, nor attacks of any kind for that matter. You may disagree, but if you start getting vicious and having tantrums, you will be immediately removed from the community. This goes for everyone, even those close to me who decide to join this community. If you can't handle a multitude of points of view, then this community is not for you. We do not pander to the close-mindedness of petty individuals out to stroke their egos, pretending to be wise and all-knowing.
Well, now that I've got that nasty business out of the way, I am glad to say that you shall have free reign to express your thoughts on anything you choose. Tell us what you think.

If you have any questions or comments, email me at ncharles93@yahoo.com

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